How it Works

4Are you learning English and want to improve your speech? Are you fluent in English but would like to reduce a foreign accent? Are you a native speaker who would like to soften a regional dialect?

If any of these apply to you, we can help.

Choose an evaluation only or an instruction program. We offer private and group instruction in accent reduction and American English pronunciation. All services are provided live over Skype by a master’s degree-level communication specialist and native speaker.

Our evaluation is a thorough and specialized assessment of your speech, conducted live. Our evaluation assesses over 150 skills in American English pronunciation. If you choose to receive a written report, one will be provided to you.

Evaluation Only
This option is available for speakers who would like detailed information about their particular accent without, or prior to, purchasing an instruction program.

Evaluation with Instruction
The evaluation is conducted so that we may design a program specific to your needs. Reassessment will be conducted at the end of instruction to measure progress, at no additional charge (for programs of 13-weeks or longer). If you choose a report, a reassessment report will be given to you as verification of program completion and progress achieved.

Individual and group instruction are available. Both are personalized to each client’s needs within the following areas:

· Intonation (the “rhythm” of speech which includes pitch changes and stress of syllables and words)
· Articulation (pronunciation of consonant sounds and vowel sounds)
· Liaisons (word connections)
· Reductions (sounds that are reduced or omitted in American English)

Program materials are customized to you from more than 300 exercises.* 

We also work on skills using words and phrases specific to your work and daily life.

Practice exercises are playable as a list from any device with the click of a button for easy practice.

A 24-week course is optimal (for moderate to strong accents) for greater improvement. Significant improvement can typically be seen in 13 to 16 weeks. Most clients notice improvement in a session or two.

The 6-Week “Short Course” is designed for individuals who want to learn how to change their accent but want to do more work independently or to resume sessions at a later date.

*Applicable for most foreign accents. Materials for regional accents may vary. Course materials will be individualized and supplemented as needed.