Monthly Archives: December 2016

  • Happy New Year!

    The word “happy” has a tense “ee” sound at the end. This common word ending, spelled -y, is typically pronounced “ee”. The tense “ee” sound is a long sound, made with your tongue high and your lips smiling. The sides of the tongue are pressed against the roof of the mouth.

  • “H”appy “H”olidays!

    The “h” sound is made by opening your mouth and exhaling a huff of air from the lungs. To make this sound, pretend you are trying to fog up your glasses to clean them. If you’re a Russian speaker, make this sound a bit softer. The American “h” doesn’t have an audible friction sound.

  • Helloo(w) December!

    The “o” sound in American English is long and has a slight “w” sound at the end. To sound like a native speaker, double this vowel sound and really round your lips at the end.