Monthly Archives: September 2019

  • Reduce!

    American English uses lots of reduced sounds — sounds that are more relaxed. These sounds are pronounced less fully, or not pronounced at all. One of the most common is the schwa sound, pronounced “uh”. Most syllables that are not stressed are pronounced with this vowel sound. So practice relaxed and lazy speech to sound […]

  • Imitate!

    If you were an actor trying to imitate an American speaker, how would you talk? Pretend you are a native speaker. Imitate the sound. Play with it. Practice it. Have fun with it! Most people considerably reduce their accent with this technique.

  • Move your mouth less!

    When Americans speak, most of the vowel sounds in our sentences are made with a relaxed, neutral mouth. American English doesn’t use as much lip rounding as many other languages. So using straighter lips and moving your mouth less can help reduce your accent!

  • Sing and stretch!

    The intonation of American English sounds somewhat like a song, with ups and downs. The stressed syllables are not only higher, but longer. Using enough contrast between stressed and unstressed syllables will help you sound more like a native speaker. So stretch the stressed syllables and say them higher to make the stressed syllables stand […]