Monthly Archives: March 2021

  • Happy Spring!

    In American English, the “r” sound is made with the tongue still and not touching the roof of the mouth. Think of a dog growling, “errr”. In the word “spring”, it can help to stretch out the word in practicing this sound, as in “sperring”.

  • Did you wear green?

    Americans often wear green on March 17 in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. The “ee” sound (as in the word “green”) is usually spelled with a letter “e” alone or in combination with other vowel letters; whereas the letter “i” in American English is usually not pronounced “ee” as it is in some languages.

  • Fun discovery

    Have you ever noticed that American speakers don’t move their mouths much when they talk? We use a lot of neutral vowel sounds and don’t round our lips much. Non-native speakers often sound like they are over-pronouncing. So, use less mouth opening and mouth movements. It will likely reduce your accent! Try it with the […]