Conscious Communication

We offer training in Conscious Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC), to both native and nonnative speakers. We also provide the option of personal coaching using these principles. Conscious Communication is a mindset and a model for communicating with others and yourself (self-talk). It has a wide range of applications such as facilitating effective communication, improved relationships, and greater emotional well-being. Developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., it has been used to mediate conflict between countries, and in a variety of contexts such as business, mental health, and parenting.

In your business, this process offers the tools to:

  • Elicit cooperation from employees without external rewards
  • Mediate conflicts
  • Express concerns in a way that is better received
  • Achieve business goals while meeting needs of employees
  • Foster trust with coworkers and clients

In your life, this training develops skills to:

  • Have more harmony in relationships
  • Handle blame and criticism
  • Speak your truth
  • Transform thinking that leads to anger, guilt, depression, and shame
  • Experience more of what matters to you

Contact us with any questions about Conscious Communication to see if this service is a fit for you.

Sessions are provided by Skype.
Promotional pricing for Conscious Communication is $90 for one hour; $325 for 4 one-hour sessions. Payment is accepted by PayPal.

Effective Communication 

We offer communication coaching with our live accent reduction programs, if desired. Our coaching is based on your needs and teaches more effective communication skills with verbal and written communication. See accent reduction sessions for pricing.

“When we hear the other person’s feelings and needs, we recognize our common humanity.”

~Marshall Rosenberg