• Imitate

    If you were an actor trying to imitate an American speaker, how would you talk? Pretend you are a native speaker. Imitate the sound. Play with it. Practice it. Have fun with it! Most people considerably reduce their accent with this technique.

  • Move your mouth less

    When Americans speak, most of the vowel sounds in our sentences are made with a relaxed, neutral mouth. American English doesn’t use as much lip rounding as many other languages. So using straighter lips and moving your mouth less can help reduce your accent!

  • Smile!

    Have you ever noticed that native American speakers seem to smile when they talk? American English has less lip rounding than many other languages. We really don’t use our lips much. So smile when you talk — it does wonders for reducing your accent!  

  • June bug

    It’s June bug season. The first sound of the word “June” is a “j” sound. You can think of “j” as a combination of “d” and “zh”. Spanish speakers often pronounce this sound as “zh” or “sh” instead, so make sure you add a slight “d” to this sound.

  • Happy Memorial Day!

    The “l” sound at the beginning of a word or syllable, as in “love”, is made with the tip of the tongue touching behind the upper front teeth. The “l” sound at the end of a word or syllable, as in “Memorial”, is made with the back of the tongue shaping the sound somewhat similar […]