What our Accent Reduction clients say…

“AccentWorks played a key role in my professional trajectory as a founder and CEO of CI&T.” – Cesar Gon (EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Class of 2020

“I loved absolutely everything about this program. I have always struggled with my Ukrainian accent. Accent Reduction classes not only helped me to improve my pronunciation, it gave me so much confidence to proceed. I used our speech scenarios when I was applying for my dream job. Every session was an eye-opening event for me. I felt completely at ease and absolutely motivated by both the instructor’s commitment to my improvement and her passion for teaching pronunciation.”  – Julia M.

“This is one of the best training programs that I have ever enrolled in…Contrary to other accent programs that follow a rigid cookie-cutter approach, AccentWorks does a fantastic job in customizing the accent program based on individual needs…The instructor was very innovative in her approach…Being the author of an American accent book, she is able to point out even subtle mistakes.” – Ravi C.

“I contacted AccentWorks to develop an accent reduction program for our inbound contact center. The consultant accommodated our unique needs while turning out high quality materials…Her dedication and attention to detail were instrumental to our success.” – Sarah Y. (Project Manager, International Operations)

“I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to reduce a foreign accent. The program is very personalized and extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling sessions…The work scenarios were invaluable to implement the learning into my everyday work life.” – Ignacio G.

“I took a 6-week accent reduction program…I can tell that my speech has improved after this short period of time…The program is very convenient, because you can take it literally from anywhere…It was carefully tailored around my needs…The instructor was highly professional and skillful in the her field. It was nice to work with her on a personal level too.” – Keti A.

“I did the evaluation at first, which was very thorough and identified my specific areas to work on. I learned things that made a big difference in my speech really quickly…We focused on accent training with practice job interviews. The program was extremely helpful and I got a job one month after moving.” – Khaled S.

“The class was very well planned…It has helped me in my job tremendously.” – Salman Z.

“You’ll never know how much impact you have on some of your clients’ lives.” – William E.

“The instructor was friendly and knowledgeable and always responded to my questions promptly…The tailored program from AccentWorks makes changing an accent feel doable.” – Sankar T.

“I really enjoy(ed) the experience.” – Christine W.

“Though I studied myself with an American accent training book for more than a year, I still did not know where my problems were. With this program, I started to improve much faster.” – Hank Z.

What our Conscious Communication clients say…

“Very helpful and insightful. Highly recommend.” – Joel N.

“I used to drift from job to job, relationship to relationship, because I didn’t understand how other people were just expressing needs when they seemed angry or upset. Learning how to really listen has helped me not judge other people because of their emotions…It has made my professional life much easier as I feel I can talk to my boss even when there is tension at work, just by using empathy…My girlfriend thinks I’m a better listener…I wish I had been aware years ago of how easy it can be to really communicate.” – Fred E.

“Very empathetic…Gave me insights that made a lot of sense and gave me peace.” – Del C.

“Very helpful in formulating a plan for asking my boss for a raise and discussing important relationship issues with my wife. I did get the raise I wanted and was able to improve my communication with my wife.” – Khaled S.

“I highly recommend this. Very sincere and highly practical. Very much worth the time.” – Adrian J.

“Great communication skills. The coach really cares about people, wants to help and has the skills to do so.” – David J.

“This helped me sooo much in a deep, dark and difficult moment…I see much more clearly now what I really need and what is really important to me.” – Susan

“It was a breath of fresh air.” – Roger S.

“Fantastic…I learned a lot. The CC method is very good.” – Elvan

“After feeling very helpless and lost, this has given me a bit of direction.” – Mark

“It was an amazing experience.” – U. F.

“Very helpful. Exactly what I needed. (Now) I can understand how others feel.” – Jack

“This helped me figure out the path I needed to go on.” – Leslie

“It’s always enlightening…New perspectives to issues. Highly recommend!” – Rachel

“Amazing. She has coached me to be myself.” – Wayne E.

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