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  • The Easter Bunny

    Coloring eggs, baskets, and the Easter bunny are all a part of the Easter tradition in the U.S., among other things. In the word “bunny” the last letter “y” in the spelling represents the “ee” sound. Some nonnative speakers, such as Russian speakers, pronounce the final “ee” sound more like a lax “i”. Make sure […]

  • Happy Spring!

    In American English, the “r” sound is made with the tongue still and not touching the roof of the mouth. Think of a dog growling, “errr”. In the word “spring”, it can help to stretch out the word in practicing this sound, as in “sperring”.

  • Did you wear green?

    Americans often wear green on March 17 in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. The “ee” sound (as in the word “green”) is usually spelled with a letter “e” alone or in combination with other vowel letters; whereas the letter “i” in American English is usually not pronounced “ee” as it is in some languages.

  • Fun discovery

    Have you ever noticed that American speakers don’t move their mouths much when they talk? We use a lot of neutral vowel sounds and don’t round our lips much. Non-native speakers often sound like they are over-pronouncing. So, use less mouth opening and mouth movements. It will likely reduce your accent! Try it with the […]

  • March wind

    March is known to be a windy month in some areas of the United States. The noun, “wind” has a different vowel sound than the verb, “wind”. Just as a sea “bass” has a different vowel sound than a “bass” drum. Same spelling — pronounced differently! In American English, you can’t be sure how a […]